Watch The Night of the Doctor Prequel Episode

The 50 Anniversary of Doctor Who is fast approaching, with the multimillion pound special set to air at some time on Saturday next week (23rd of November). It marks the first appearance of two Doctors in one episode of the modern era series, and the trailer for it alone cost £1300+ per second. 

The BBC are putting all their eggs into this basket it seems, and to further ramp up the excitement and tension and delight they've released a prequel episode to "Day of the Doctor", titled "Night of the Doctor."

Written by showrunner Steven Moffat, "Night of the Doctor" doesn't feature Matt Smith's 11th incarnation. It doesn't star David Tennant's 10th either. "Night of the Doctor" is a tale from the past featuring the 8th Doctor. 

That's right. This one...

Paul friggin' McGann!

The 8th Doctor has only appeared once in film; the 1990's Doctor Who TV movie when he switched from 7th Doctor Sylvester McCoy and had a right old adventure vs Eric Roberts as The Master. Then the show went away for 8 odd years and by the time we returned to the TARDIS he's changed to Christopher Eccleston and that was that. 

His is the only regeneration we didn't get to see too, so quite how he changes is still a mystery after all this time. The appearance of Paul McGann in this mini-episode is surprising because he's been quite vocal about his disappointment with the new series. 

He called the role of The Doctor "a hair gig", meaning it's not about talent or being right for the job as much as it is about having an interesting quaff. He said he'd not been contacted by the BBC about returning as his Doctor for the special, and that he wouldn't do it now even if they asked.

Which was obviously bollocks, because here he is. 

Eff that though, because for a Doctor Who fan his appearance is just marvelous. Seeing him back as The Doctor is a right and rare old treat, and he steps back into the character with ease. 

The standalone tale is available to view on YouTube right now, but it's easier if you just watch it right here look... 

Words by Gazz Wood

Gazz is a writer from the Northern Film School in Leeds. He also hosts the "Possibly of Interest" podcast with TV producer Howard Cohen (Impractical Jokers) and special guests from the British Comedy world. Plus he's got his own show; "Gazz Wood Has A Podcast", with weekly guests like MISFITS Director Nirpal Bhogal and Sex & Relationships Expert Annabelle Knight! Good Lord!