We're Running Out of Wine!

Cheers! Or not...

You might want to reach for your glass before hearing this – oh wait, too late!!

If your tipple is wine, you may be onto plums… or have to move to juniper berries or apples or pears to get your fermented five a day, because apparently, the world is running out of wine.

We are drinking it faster than we can make it according to a study by financial services giant Morgan Stanley. Last year saw “the deepest shortfall in more than 40 years of records” of 300million cases. That’s a lot of booze.

Poor weather is being blamed for the 25% decrease from major producers of our favourite vintages in Europe,

Production in 2012 also dropped to its lowest levels in more than four decades, continuing the decline since the 2004 peak when supply outweighed demand by about 600million cases.

Report authors Tom Kierath and Crystal Wang predict that, in the short term, “inventories will likely be reduced as current consumption continues to be predominantly supplied by previous vintages”.

Basically we are drinking more expensive versions of the grape juice and are soon to be left only with the cheap plonk from last years grape.

So if you fancy having a nice rich glass of red, or a crisp sip of white any time soon, you should maybe think about rationing it – those grapes aren’t going to grow themselves, even if the bottle seems to empty without your permission.

Words by Gemma Clark