Thug Punches Girlfriend in the Stomach Causing Miscarriage

Violent by name, violent by nature, man gets 16 weeks for causing girlfriend to have a miscarriage by punching her in the stomach.

Ryan Guntrip, 21, reportedly punched girlfriend Carina Mackay in the stomach while out on licence for beating an ex-girlfriend.

However, this small sentence comes mere days after Newcastle football fan Barry Rogerson, 45, was jailed for 12 months on Thursday for punching a police horse, an inconsistency in ruling that is causing outrage from woman's rights groups in Essex.

The Essex thug slithered out of a longer, more deserved sentence for lack of medical proof of his cruelty. Doctors confirmed that the miscarriage could not be proved to have been caused by the drunken punch, tough it was the likely cause.

Victim Mackay said, "I was so angry. I'm my eyes he got away on a technicality. I was in agony. It can't just be a coincidence that I discovered the baby had dies after that happened."

The incident occurred after Mackay told Guntrip that she wanted to end the relationship, resulting in her short-fused partner punching her in the belly before shoving her in her home in Clacton on June 18th.

Anti-domestic abuse charities have condemned the ruling due to the fact that the chances of the woman's loss not having been caused by the violence were so slim they should have been negligible.

Guntrip was jailed last year after admitting domestic violence towards his ex-girlfriend. It has also emerged that Mackay was unaware of the father of her childs criminal past until three months after their meeting in December.

The chief executive of Refuge, Sandra Horley, said: ‘We know pregnancy is a risk factor for domestic violence – 30 per cent of cases start or escalate during pregnancy.’

Domestic violence and mental health in young people are issues that are being pushed by charities this year to be better addressed. Maybe anger management should bea dded to that list if this is the level of abuse pregnant women are to be subject to.

Words by Gemma Clark