22 Jump Street Reveals New Trailer

21 Jump Street was fantastic, there’s no denying it. It was funny, and it made most high-school comedies to date (including American Pie) look tame by comparison. And now, they’re moving across the street to try and top it in 22 Jump Street, a sequel that from the trailer looks like it might actually achieve what sequels very rarely do; it might not be shit.

22 Jump Street starts where the last film left off, with Schmidt and Jenko (Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum; that way round for anyone who forget which one’s which) heading off to college. Probably a more appropriate setting for two guys who managed to turn every single mundane aspect of high school into ridiculous shenanigans.

Other than the college part however, it does sort of look like they’ve copied the plot of the first film, down to every little detail. The Jump Street division has moved location; across the road to a different abandoned church. They’re still trying to bust up a drug ring. Eric and the teacher who was responsible for the HFS are still featuring in it (and the teacher still seems certifiable). Jenko and Schmidt still seem possibly too immature to be the age they’re pretending to be. At one point someone in the film comments that the two look way too old to be there. Which I will never stop finding hilarious, because they look the same age due to the fact that most high school and college students in films are actually thirty.

They could have made more changes rather than just having a high-school graduation, but those joke setups were hysterical first time around, so they may well still pull it off. The trailer, in spite of itself, still does look like it’s going to be great, so bring on 2014 so we can find out for sure. But don’t just take my word for it; watch the trailer and decide for yourself.

Ari Carrington