Blustery day breaks Britain

In what has been dubbed “The Windiest Day In Literally The Last Week Or So”, keyboard bashers everywhere have been going crazy with the news that their patio furniture had blown over and in some cases wheelie bins and plant pots too, as high speed winds take to the UK.  

Bus Driver Rex Manly, 39, from Chester says “It’s utter madness, I left for work today and the front gate was honestly swinging of its own accord.”, before adding “The Government should really crackdown on this sort of behaviour. No wonder there's a recession.”

Rex’s words have been echoed across the internet by frustrated social network users with complaints such as “my plastic reindeer fell over” and “my hat became slightly askew”. One man's scarf was also reported to have unexpectedly "twatted him in the face".

So far the Met Office has yet to pass comment but it is believed that Michael Fish is quite vocal on the matter behind closed (albeit creaky) doors.

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