Sonisphere Festival is Back and the Headliners are...

Sonisphere festival; where all the rockers and metalheads gather for a long weekend of music, headbanging and drinking. It’s pretty similar to the awesome Download Festival. They’ve had some of the greatest play, with year after year of fantastic lineup.

Enter 2012. They had Kiss, in one of the only two UK performance’s Kiss would make that year. Or any time in the last couple of years. They had most of Queen, although Queen just isn’t Queen without Freddie Mercury. It’s definitely not Queen with Adam Lambert. But they had a pretty solid line-up. Not as good as in other years, but by no means not good. I had tickets. It was going to be phenomenal. And then they cancelled it. Yes, I’m still angry about it.

2013, they didn’t even bother. They just didn’t run it. But NEXT SUMMER, they’re back. They’re back, and from the acts they’ve announced so far, they’re back up to pre-2012 standards. Admittedly, we have only got the two big headliners so far, but from the quality of those two, I have high hopes.

So who’ve we got? For the first time these two greats will be co-headlining in the only UK concert appearance either will make in 2014. There’s the phenomenal heavy metal madness that is IRON MAIDEN, alongside the fantastic heavy metal thrashers of METALLICA.

An excellent start (ed, how could it improve?), let’s keep it golden Sonisphere. I have high hopes that Sonisphere’s comeback will start them on a new path of excellence to continue many years. Because after the debacle of the last couple of years, I think this is Sonisphere’s last chance to make it back. 

Words by Ari Carrington