China Bans Time Travel

So, let’s say you live in China and your favourite film is, oh I don’t know, Back to the Future? Or maybe Terminator? Well unfortunately for you, the government has just banned your favourite movie.

China have shocked us all yet again by banning time travel! In fiction anyway. They have decided that any TV show, film or radio broadcast that involves a protagonist going back in time and messing with history is no longer suitable.

Time travel was put on a list of things for writers to avoid back in March. Also on the list of things to keep out of their story lines were reincarnation and feudal superstitions. 

The idea behind the banning of things like reincarnation and time travel came from the government’s desire to uphold the country's values and prevent writers from playing it too fast and loose with historical events.

They also banned adverts for gift-giving for a while in order to prevent people from giving luxury gifts! A country that hates gifts and time travel? Definitely not my kind of place (Wireless is 100% confident that this article has been thoroughly researched a bit on Wikipedia).

Whovians (people who like Doctor Who and not people from the Grinch movie) and Marty McFly fans alike in China may have to mourn the loss of their beloved time-hopping heroes and find somewhere else to place their fantasy. If only we could go back to a simpler time...

Adam Hughes