Godzilla Trailer Hails The Return Of The King (Not Bryan Cranston)

After being shrouded in more secrecy than the Colonel’s secret blend of herbs and spices, 2014’s biggest movie (quite literally) has finally revealed itself. 

Following a series of J.J. Abrams style viral marketing techniques, the first trailer for Godzilla made landfall yesterday afternoon and has already sent the internet into a nuclear winter. And I’m not surprised... have you seen it?!

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Speaking as someone who was a religious fanatic of the Toho Beast back in my youth (yes, I do include American version there) I can say that there is no film I am looking forward to more in 2014 than this. They seem to have been incredibly faithful to the original monster, though he now seems even more titanic, and certainly eclipses the funky gecko thing that the last American producers gave us. 

The exact nature of the plot remains a mystery, though apparently it’s a very heavy-handed and overt metaphor for human arrogance and the destruction of the environment – The Day After Godzilla, anyone?

What we do know is that it has a stellar cast including Aaron Taylor-Johnson who plays a marine, Elizabeth Olsen who plays his wife (funnily enough they’ll be brother and sister in the new Avengers flick) and some bloke from a little known show called Breaking Bad, or something like that anyway. 

With that cast and director Gareth Edwards’ attention to detail and eye for beauty (get a load of that halo drop!) you can only assume that Bryan Rim: Pacific Cranston (as it’ll no doubt be called by t’ yout’) will be a blockbuster of truly enormous proportions.

Matt Gammond