Fallout 4 Confirmed (Kind of)

Is the next installment of the Fallout series is in production?

The Fallout rumour mill has been churning for years now, with reports last year that Bethesda had been location scouting around Boston for the next game. 

Leaked official casting documents reveal a project codenamed 'Institute'. The documents include bits of scripts for various characters including both a male and female protagonist, and the line 'War, War Never Changes' - arguably the most famous piece of Fallout dialogue. 

The rumour mill is now claiming that this is indeed for Fallout 4 and the game is to be set in Massachusetts. Fallout fans will finally get to roam around the post-apocalyptic Commonwealth that has been mentioned in the previous games. 

The information at hand is scarce, but this is the closest thing to Fallout 4 being officially confirmed. However it's safe to say that a Next-Gen Fallout is definitely in the works.

Alexx Ross-Daniels