Mates Convince Drunk Driver he’s Been in a Coma for 10 years

Drink driving isn’t a great idea. You might hurt yourself, hit something, cause a lot of damage, hurt someone else, pass out at the wheel, get arrested; all kinds of possibilities. 

This particular chap knows all about getting arrested; with 5 DUIs under his belt he’s pretty much an expert on getting arrested for drunk driving.

Understandably, his friends think he has a problem. They’d really like it if he stopped. Having watched the video, we’d all quite like it if he stopped; it’s not cool, although he sure seems to think it is as he cracks up once he knows what’s happening. But his friends have decided to take new measures to stop his antics, and they’re pretty drastic. 

They decided to convince him that he’d been in an accident and as a result in a coma for 10 years. The next time he passed out drunk in his truck they set him up in a fake hospital bed with monitors, blood pressure cuff, the works. They then came in when he came round and told him he’d been in a coma for ten years. Then to seal the deal, they put the tv on in his room, complete with fake, and absolutely hilarious, news broadcast to make it clear that several years have passed. Seriously, the news they put on; Miley Cyrus cooking meth in a double wide, J-Biebs and his life partner… it was beautiful. 

I’m sure you all know how it feels waking up with no idea how you got there. Imagine that, but the last thing you remember was 10 years ago. I can see this working as an anti-drink-driving campaign. Nice effort.

Ari Carrington