How the Bad Christmas Jumper Became Good Aain…

For the love of all things Christmassy! 

It’s typical of the fashion industry to make something hideously gaudy, tacky and outrageous cool again. But somehow the Christmas jumper has been moved from the naughty list on to the wish list! Not only has ‘Christmas jumper’ gone up in the Google searches but ‘Ugly Christmas Jumper’ has become a popular search term. People actually want to find the worst sweater and wear it out in public! Is it now cool to be the best at looking the worst? 

Last year it was the take-over of the ‘onesie’ but with predictions that the jumper will do better in Christmas sales this year it seems everyone is jumping on the bandwagon! From actual bands like Queen of the Stone Age and Wu-Tang Clan making sweaters to popular TV show phrases from Breaking Bad, everyone is coining in on the craze. 

Looking back at films like Bridget Jones’ Diary we remember the infamous embarrassing reindeer jumper worn by Mark Darcy and felt his pain. Now we are buying jumpers similar if not worse and not only wearing them to festive family dos but to actual social occasions. 

If you haven’t jumped on the jumper hype yet you might be left behind with the other Grinch types this Christmas as this bad gift has become a best buy! 

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