Man Found Naked in a Guitar Case After Getting Lost on Marathon Walk.

Zackery Aders, 31 was taking a 26 mile walk from Gore to Checotah in Oklahoma, USA when it took a turn for the worse. 
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Aders got lost and ended up falling through a frozen lake in the middle of the night. Aders did what survivalists suggest you do and took off all his soaking wet, ice cold clothes.

Aders ,now dangerously cold, slept the night off in his guitar case with his clothes next to him. 

When farmers found him in the morning he was “in his boxer shorts and unable to speak”.

The farmer told the the Muskogee Phoenix newspaper “He was so cold he couldn’t even talk.”

The police suspect that Mr Aders was under the influence of a substance before embarking on his mammoth stroll.

Mr Aders was treated at a local hospital before being released with non-life-threatening injuries, fully clothed and set off in the right direction.

Talk about a rough walk home!

Words by Will Whitby