Paedophile Scare Over Prosthetic Leg

A class of primary school children recently found a trip to the swimming pool to be an awful lot more than they expected when they were evacuated from the leisure centre by panic stricken teachers. 

Why were their teachers panicking? A paedo scare. Reasonable, or so you’d think.

But what sparked this scare was nothing more than a prosthetic leg that had been left in a changing cubicle. Someone a group of teachers saw a prosthetic limb and came to the only logical conclusion; must be a paedo thing. So they rushed the 60 8-9 year old kids out of the building.

How does a prosthetic leg equal a paedophile? Yeah, your guess is as good as mine. The best I can figure is they assumed it might be a cleverly (but not that cleverly) disguised camera or something. But to be brutally honest, I have no idea why they came to that conclusion, or how you mistake a prosthetic leg for a paedophile; it just doesn’t make sense as far as I can see it. But it happened, so it must have made sense to someone somewhere along the way.

Apparently a disabled man innocently left the leg whilst he went for a swim. Didn’t he need it at least to walk to the pool? So many unanswerable questions.

Apparently everything was dealt with according to school policy. I like to think a few laughs were had when they all realised they’d been panicking about a leg. Everything’s resolved, except of course all the questions as to how on earth this ever was a thing at all; so, so many questions still.

Ari Carrington