Katie Hopkins Petition Achieves Little But to Get Her More Press

As you’ve probably read by now, Katie Hopkins is back in the news due to her ill-advised and poorly-timed tweet about the Scottish life expectancy, right in the wake of the helicopter crash in Glasgow that killed nine people. This sparked fury, outrage, and all the other feelings provoked by Katie Hopkins talking. This rage was turned into a petition to have her banned from television.

And a shocking turn of events; the petition has achieved something! Which sets it apart from most petitions. Well it would, if it had actually achieved something. Whilst people are saying it’s been effective, they’ve actually made something happen, really, they haven’t.

ITV have now said that it has no plans for Katie to appear on This Morning again. For all those who seem to be taking that as a victory, let’s break that down. Firstly, “no plans” means that currently they don’t want her, but that could quite feasibly change; it’s not a ban and it’s not a certainty. Secondly, This Morning is a show. It is not the whole of ITV. Literally, all that they’ve said here is “we probably won’t have Katie back on this one specific show that she’s been on before”. That’s not really a success. That’s not necessarily factually any different to how things stood before the petition started up. A great success.

For a further kick to the petition’s effectiveness, Katie has been tipped to appear in the next series of channel 5’s Big Brother. That’s right, another reality show, which is going to mean a lot MORE of Katie on our tvs, in the papers, splashed all over the internet. Sort of the opposite of what the petition wanted; but like I’ve said before; whining is a type of talking. The more you talk about someone the more they stay in the press. You want her out? Ignore her.

Words by Ari Carrington

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