3D Printed Pizza

3D printers have been cropping up on the news all year. We’ve had 3D printed plastic guns (that fall apart after a few shots), more recently we’ve had 3D printed metal guns. Now, we’ve got 3D printed pizza.

Created by Natural Machines, a company in Barcelona who are currently developing a 3D food printer called the Foodini. This could lead to some great, innovative food creations, simplification of complex food constructions, or some very terrible, terrible food.

This could lead to huge breakthroughs in the fast food industry if this device becomes mainstream. It could speed up or streamline fast food production, or at the very least minimise the likelihood that the service staff have spit in your food. Although there’s a much easier way to minimise that risk; don’t act like a jerk-off.

The 3D printed pizza solves the two hardest parts of making pizza (aside from deciding what toppings to put on it). These parts being shaping the dough and spreading an EVEN layer of tomato sauce. So they printed those parts, giving a fantastic even finish. They added cheese and toppings by hand however, so clearly the technology still has a ways to go. Whilst I love the idea of printing a perfect base, printing such an even layer of sauce ruins the possibility of that great moment where you discover a slice with more sauce than it should have from happening. But otherwise it’s pretty great.

I think 3D printed food could be a winner. There’s a long road ahead as the technology isn’t at the stage where this can be rolled out in the mainstream yet, but someday, I can see it happening, and I’m like 80% certain that it’ll be a good thing.

Ari Carrington