Black is Back with 'Saturday'.

Teen Terror Rebecca Black is back with a sequel to 2011's annoyingly catchy anthem 'Friday' and what else could it be called but 'Saturday'. 

Yes, it seems that the cash cow that Miss Black has been riding on for the past couple of years has stopped generating money to support her 'Fun Fun Fun', and now the world must learn what Rebecca Black does on her Saturdays. It's riveting stuff. 

Rebecca's first foray into the music business gave us the song we all love to hate, as well as pushing her into the fray of pop culture, thrusting her into the limelight for all the wrong reasons. That may be, but I bet all of you remember every word to 'Friday' despite the fact that it was the second most disliked video on YouTube ever (only surpassed by Bieber's 'Baby' ugh).

The only upside of this farce is that she seems self-aware of her buffoonery... kinda. 

Click here on mobiles.... if you insist on seeing it.

Words by Alex Ross Daniels