Teen Runs Up £1158 Phone Bill By Voting On TV Show

If Joey Essex has proven anything, it’s that a lot of the people that get involved with ITV’s ratings-buster I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! aren’t particularly intelligent. Nevermind what has to be the most inappropriate use of the term “celebrity” of all time.

As it turns out, some members of the show’s enormous fanbase have a few issues with thinking ahead. College student Nicole Hassell is obviously someone who is emotionally invested in the show, and her phone bill of £1158 proves it.

After spending what must have been an unhealthy amount of time voting on her mobile, the titanic bill arrived on the phone of her mother whose face must have been a cross between someone sucking 40 lemons and someone having a sewing needle rammed up the toenail.

The unfortunate/idiotic Hassell didn’t realise she was racking up such a cost, and is apparently going to have a crappy Christmas after her mother demanded she forfeit some of her festive money to help cover the bill.

Words by Matt Gammond