Man pulls Gun in Shop after being Refused £1 Discount

Prices can be pretty high these days, you can’t always afford everything you want. We get it. That’s why haggling is a thing; it pretty much never works, but occasionally you’ll get a couple of quid knocked off just by asking. Or so we hear, we’ve never actually seen it happen. But a man in Manchester liked his chances and thought he’d try asking for £1 off when he tried to buy 2 bottles of beer.

Can you guess what happened next? Yes okay, the title gives that twist away; they said no. So he did what any reasonable man would have done and whipped out a gun. Pointing the weapon at the shop assistant, he was informed by them that the police were on their way, as they’d presumably pressed a panic button. Because telling an irrational idiot holding a gun to you something that he won’t want to hear seems like a solid plan.

But it worked out okay, because the unidentified man then cemented his identity as “nuts” but saying simply “I don’t want that”, and the paying £3 for just one of the beers. Oh and then he calmly put his change in the charity box and left. Nothing weird about that at all.

CCTV footage: 

Ari Carrington