paj jIH - American Politician Resigns in Klingon

David Waddel of the Indian Trail Town Council in North Carolina has decided to resign from his post. But he didn’t want to just leave and fade into the list of unremembered former councillors of North Carolina. Oh no, he wanted to be remembered. And that he will be thanks to his noteworthy and original resignation letter.

The content is probably reasonably standard and generally uninteresting. But the content isn’t the important part. It’s the language it was written in that’s caused this to strike the news reel. It’s in Klingon. As in the nerdy beyond belief, made-up language of a fictional alien race from Star Trek. Obviously, for doing something so ridiculously geeky he’s being heralded as an awesome guy. Because logic.

He says he chose to so it this way as part of an inside joke. The question is, an inside joke between him and who else? It’s certainly not between him and mayor Michael Alvarez, who has dubbed the letter “unprofessional”. Much as I’d like to make fun of his clear lack of a sense of humour, he’s probably got a point.

 Ari Carrington