Don’t upset your Baker; Woman receives Poo Cake after Argument with Baker

Micaela Harris of New Zealand was recently left shocked and embarrassed at her engagement party, not to mention with a whole lot of explaining to do to her upset guests. 

Family parties just aren’t the same without someone getting embarrassed, and they definitely aren’t the same without a new family feud or two starting.

So it was definitely your typical family party, as I’m willing to bet any money that Micaela isn’t currently on speaking terms with her sister, who lies firmly at fault. What happened? Micaela went to cut her cake only to unveil a cake resembling a large crap with a small flag bearing the heartfelt sentiment “Eat Shit!”

Why was that there? The precise details are a little unclear, but Micaela’s sister had rather a disagreement with Emma McDonald, the owner of the Oh Cakes bakery where the cake was ordered. Naturally, like any true professional, instead of refusing their business, Emma decided to fill their order, just editing a few little details. Like replacing the whole order with a big steaming pile of offense. She remains firmly unrepentant about doing so.

Now as a small bakery, I’m not sure putting yourself out there as an unprofessional, unreasonable child is actually going to be that great for business. I’m pretty certain we can take this as a red flag warning away from Oh Cakes.....

Ari Carrington