Lindsay Lohan Fears Nude Pics Leaked

Lindsay Lohan is reported to be terrified that naked pictures of her will be leaked following the recent theft of her laptop from a Shanghai airport. She’s offering a very large reward for its safe return in the hopes of preventing these photos getting into the public domain. She’s also worried that private messages between herself and Woody Allen, and herself and Lady Gaga could be leaked; clearly there’s something juicy there.

The au naturel pics are supposedly unpublished photos from a shoot, which is certainly possible as she’s not exactly shy about stripping down for film or photo. Although there is speculation that there may actually be some self-taken photos, which could be her real cause for concern. Which might make more sense, but we’ll see; I’m sure they’ll come out sooner or later.

You would think that with the history of stars having photos or videos or sextapes “leaked” all the time that they’d all be bigging up their digital security to try and stop it happening. But given how often it happens, the celebs clearly aren’t minding anywhere near as much as they like us to think. And a lot of them haven’t exactly been stolen and leaked so much as deliberately published to get their name back in the press or promote an upcoming venture. But as she’s not got anything coming up soon, I doubt that’s it, especially as she keeps cropping up in the news anyway.

I think the real story she’s worried about might be in the conversations however, because we’ve all seen her with her kit off enough times for it not to matter, but who knows why she’s chatting to Woody Allen and Lady Gaga? Definitely worth keeping an eye out for how that progresses.

Ari Carrington