Guy Killed by Atomic Wedgie

Denver Lee St. Clair apparently had the same kind of relationship with his stepson that many people have had with childhood bullies. 

The kind of relationship where wedgies are given. And his stepson Brad Davis got the last one in, with a record-destroying level of humiliation and pain involved.
Giving his stepfather an atomic wedgie, which would be awful enough without how it ended as, for those of you who are lucky enough not to know, an atomic wedgie involves pulling the underwear up so high they can be put over your victims head. What doesn’t normally happen is that the victim falls, strikes their head and then suffocates to death inside their own underwear. But in this particular case, that’s exactly what happened.

Clearly not the best of friends, although it would appear Denver had been trying, having invited Brad over for drinks, before the two got into a fight and the ultimate wedgie occurred, putting an end to everything for Denver forever.

Obviously, Brad Davis was arrested. The death of his stepfather has been determined to be murder rather than manslaughter. Factoring in to this ruling could be the fact that before the fight started, Brad sent a friend a text saying he was going to hurt his stepfather. Because as every good murderer knows, you should always make sure to leave bits of evidence around to point the finger at you. Actually, that’s not fair, he did edit the scene a little before calling 911 on himself (always a good idea to let the cops know what you’ve done if you want to get away with it…), so it would look like self defence. Quite a half-assed attempt at getting away with it. Frankly I expected more originality from the guy who killed a man by wedgie.