UK’s Sluttiest City Revealed

Researchers have deduced the cities in the UK where the most one night stands are going down. Not only that but they’ve also worked out the most “adventurous” city, and yes that means exactly what you think it means.

2000 single young men and women were surveyed. “Do have regular one night stands?” was the question, and for 42% of them the answer was yes. This was broken down by regional location to calculate the most promiscuous city. Most promiscuous city here meaning best place to have anonymous sex with strangers, probably the worst place to find an actual relationship. Likely also the best place to catch something; so if you’re planning a road trip based on the results I’d make sure to wrap up.

So some results. The competition was stiff, but Liverpool’s beaten them all into submission and taken the crown, with the biggest percentage of those surveyed having regular one night stands in Liverpool. Falling just shy of the top spot was Oxford, with Newcastle just behind. The top ten with their percentages follow; did you make the cut?

1. Liverpool- 13% 
2. Oxford- 11%
3. Newcastle- 10%
4. Swansea-9%
5. Cardiff- 7%
6. Glasgow- 6%
7.  Nottingham- 6%
8. Birmingham- 5%
9. York- 4%
10. Manchester- 3%

Although they only came in at 5th in terms of regular sluttyness, Cardiff is the place to go for something a little different, as they’ve won the award for most adventurous sex. What else can we tell from these results? Well for starters the south is the wrong end of the country to go for regular meaningless sex. And is anyone else surprised not to see Exeter on there? Pretty certain the UK’s horniest student would have made an impact on these results; or maybe she just plays further afield. 

Ari Carrington