Vagina Knitting

Because apparently the point of feminism is now to cause people to be uncomfortable and disgusted, we now have vagina knitting. Whilst I’d love it if you read the words I’ve written, I can’t advise looking any further because it’s gross.

Casey Jenkins is a 28 year old woman from Melbourne, Australia. She’s an artist and a feminist. That combination has worked out for the world in the past, but when it comes to Casey, maybe not. In what may well be the most simultaneously ridiculous and unpleasant idea ever had, she’s set up her, already infamous, feminist art performance.

Taking 28-days (for reasons soon to be apparent, prepare your “eww”s), the art is titled “Casting of my Womb”. What does that entail exactly? Well she’s going to knit. 

The twist? 

The spool of wool from which she’ll be knitting will be (look away now) inserted in her vagina, and will unspool from there as she knits. Let’s take a moment to think about why this is particularly disgusting. 28 days. First off, that’s an awfully long time to be sitting around with wool up your lady parts. Secondly, 28 days. You’ve all done sex-ed at school, you know vaguely what happens to a woman’s lady parts over the course of 28 days. You know that that wool is going to change colour at a point in the installation. If you’re still with me, congrats, it doesn’t get any worse from here-on out.

The point of the project according to Casey is to “create an intimate experience with her body”. That’s great, but I’m pretty certain there are usually laws about keeping your intimate moments in private, rather than showing them off for all to see. 

Apparently she’s trying to “challenge fears of female genitalia”. Who the hell is scared of that? Aside from anyone who’s seen the movie Teeth I guess, but I don’t think a gross scarf is going to help those fools. I just can’t really see how this is doing anything to support feminism. It’s a woman flashing her crotch about and knitting a scarf that’ll be covered in bodily secretions. If a bloke did it, he’d be arrested. Think about it. The unexpected gender discrimination, not the vag-scarf, that’s just gross.

Words by Ari Carrington