Hot Pie Kills Aussie Man

A 64 year old man died after experiencing difficulty breathing during a pie eating contest in Queensland, Australia.

During the half time entertainment of a rugby league match in Townsville (way to use your imagination Australia), Bruce Holland joined 7 other people in some good old competitive eating, but after biting into a Chilli Pie he began to gasp heavily and eventually collapsed.

He was rushed to hopsital, where he died some hours later. The current cause of death is listed as "unknown".

Arthur McMahon, owner of the Bushland Beach Tavern where the contest was held, said
"It was a very sad day today, as he was a very well-respected person down here."

"It was half-time during the game, and we had the big screen out the back, and everyone was having a very enjoyable time." Witnesses reported that Bruce's last words were "Jeez, this chilli pie is hot!"

Words by Gazz Wood