Rapper Tweets About Drunk Driving, Crashes and Dies

Aspiring US rapper "Inkyy" tweeted that he was pissed up, driving at 120mph and having a great time, shortly before crashing his car into a wall and killing himself and all of his passengers. 

21 year old Inkyy, real name Ervin McKinness, tweeted "Drunk af going 120 drifting corners YOLO" at 1:19am on September 2nd last year. By 1:40am he was dead, as were Marquell Bogan, 23, and Dylan George, 20, Jonathan Watson, 21 and JaJuan Bennett, 23. 

YOLO is an initialisation of the term You Only Live Once, coined by Canadian rapper Drake in his song "The Motto". A ton of kids got the phrase tattooed on their hands and backs and lips and things, and it became something of a battle cry for teenagers and bandwagon jumping idiots. 

Despite the tweet, police in California confirmed that it was actually Jonathan Watson behind the wheel of Nissan Sentra 500 when it skidded off the road, went through a wall and ended up in someone's backyard. They were apparently drifting corners, like in Fast & Furious 3 I think, and lost control of the vehicle. 

All of the passengers were pronounced dead at the scene, apart from Bogan who died of his injuries on route to the hospital. 

Inkyy had recently signed a record deal and the video for his first track, "Dreams", was published on his YouTube channel back in April of 2012.

So drink driving is stupid, drink tweeting is stupid and drifting is stupid. We know that now. This was an avoidable and senseless tragedy in which five people died, but it's also a very good excuse to post the video for the Lonely Island song "YOLO", which suggests you should do everything you can to avoid being killed because, you know... You Only Live Once.

Words by Gazz Wood