Sharknado - Film Review and Epic Scene.

I'm not sure where to start with this review of SyFy Channel's newest production. Do I tell you it's terrible, which it is, or do I tell you that it's amazing, which it ALSO is?

Or do I tell you to go around your house locating and burning every book on science and nature that you can find before you watch it? Because not a word in any of those will apply to Sharknado.

The basic gist of the film is that a tornado out at sea fills with water. And also sharks. The tornado then moves inland, carrying the sharks with it. Exactly what these hundreds of sharks were up to off the coast of LA isn't addressed, because that'd take time away from the main spectacle of sharks shaking loose their tornado coils and wreaking big-toothed havoc on a whole bunch of people. They land in swimming pools, flooded houses and even, in one scene, on the roof of a car. Obviously the shark bites through the metal to attack the passengers. Why wouldn't it?

We're also treated to a lot of stock footage. Sharks milling about, swimming along and generally minding their own business. I can only hope the producers tracked down those sharks, got them to sign the appropriate forms and provided them with adequate financial compensation. They're the stars of the show, after all.

Speaking of stars, Sharknado also boasts the acting talent of Tara Reid, last seen in 2012's American Reunion and before that, um, 2001's American Pie 2. She's 37, and her character has a 30-year-old son. That's about all you need to know.

If you like 'bad' movies (and who doesn't?), I honestly recommend Sharknado. It is ridiculous, cheap-looking and cuts a lot of corners that film makers shouldn't cut, but it's also hilarious. Watch it in a group of friends with pizza and a crate of beer, and you can't go wrong. Or watch it alone for the scene in which the star of the piece, Ian Ziering, chops a flying shark in half with a chainsaw.

Three Jaws out of Five.

Words by Chris Welsh

This is probably the end of the film, but how could we not youtube the flying shark and chainsaw scene. Enjoy!