Simpsons Join Up With Family Guy

The two biggest families in US animated comedy will finally officially meet in a Family Guy/The Simpsons crossover episode.

The two shows, both shown in American on the Fox Network, have enjoyed a "friendly rivalry" for years, with each one taking the piss out of the other. There was that one where Stewie ran over Homer with his tricycle, and Peter Griffin was shown in a book of mugshots in one episode of The Simpsons.

The story line of the episode will see The Griffins take a road trip, only to end up somehow in Springfield. Homer welcomes the strange, and pale, folk to his home and the two families get on like a house on fire. 

Homer and Peter bicker about which whether Duff beats Pawtucket Patriot or vice versa, Lisa (who's still meant to be 8 years old by the way) tries to find something that Meg will finally be good at, and Stewie bonds with Bart over pulling pranks. Also Marge and Lois do something, but I suspect they won't make much of that at all.

The proper cast of The Simpsons will feature, rather than Seth MacFarlane doing all the voices like you might imagine he'd try. It might be great, but only because it's a Family Guy episode with The Simpsons in it rather than the other way around. The Simpsons has been rubbish since 1997 (I checked. The last good series was series 8, then they did that thing where Principal Skinner wasn't the real one and it all went to shit) and this is much more of a boost for them than for Family Guy. 

Fox are going to show the crossover during the Fall 2014 season, which is their bollocks way of saying Autumn next year. 

Words by Gazz Wood

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