Man Possessed by Gordon Ramsay’s Ghost

According to TMZ (this is how all bad news stories start btw) American Masterchef  contestant Josh Marks was arrested in Chicago recently after punching a police officer, trying to grab the cop's gun, then claiming to be God.

Not mad as a box of Frogs
The incident happened near the University of Chicago campus. A university cop spotted Marks trying to use an emergency phone with cuts all over his face, so he approached Marks to see if anything was wrong. 

"We're told the cop asked Marks if anything was wrong, and Marks then lunged at him, striking him with a closed fist and then tried to grab his gun."

TMZ’s sources say the cop and two other officers tried to subdue the 26-year-old, 7'2" tall culinary runner-up ... to no avail. They batoned and pepper sprayed him but it had no effect. Marks broke free and started running. Five cops subdued him in a resident's backyard.

Marks was taken to a nearby hospital to be treated for injuries.

When asked about the outburst, that's when Marks brought up Gordon Ramsay, and claimed the TV chef is an "asshole" who possessed his body and turned him into God. 

There was reportedly no evidence of drug use either, which makes this sadder and even more clear that something is deeply psychologically wrong …..or he is telling the truth.

Marks is reportedly being held at the hospital strapped into a bed, and was charged with with aggravated battery on a police officer and attempting to disarm a police officer, which means he could face up to 14 years in prison.

So yeah next time you’re cooking along with your organic rack of Lamb; remember that there is a sinister side to Ramsey that ruins giants lives.