Man Rides Fish and Damages Barnacles

America has a fascination with jumping on untrained animals; cows, horses, girlfriends, and then holding on for dear life for as long as they can before being thrown to the ground, and sometimes stomped on. I don't really understand why, but all I can think of is that it's expensive, and potentially quite dangerous.

However something has surfaced that I think is going to become a new national pastime. Especially for those who don't live inland, have access to a cow, and have a high insurance premium.

Sunfish Riding… Or aquatic animal abuse to be more exact.

Yes. I'm not kidding. A man in the US has been filmed, as part of a bet for $20, riding a Sunfish (also known as a Mola Mola) which are also known as the laziest shitty fish in the underwater world. “Cliff” who rode the beast says he is suffering from “barnacle burn”, which sounds like some kind of seaborne STD to be honest, but I suppose the $20 made it completely worth it.

The fish wasn't harmed, and apparently stayed around their boat for a bit of a scratch afterwards, presumably due to the numerous parasites that call the Sunfish home. 

Aquaman wasn't available for comment.

Words by Ben Cole