Drunken Elks Corner Locals

We’re not talking about a bunch of lads on the beer here. No, we’re talking four legged, 500 pound wild animals.

If the recent behaviour of the elk is anything to go by, then animals aren’t all that different from humans after they’ve had a few.

Police in Sweden are keeping a close eye after a gang of the cute faced creatures cornered some locals in their garden. It’s not unusual for these timid animals to run at you when they’re under the influence, either.

Phew, you wouldn’t fancy one of those legging it towards you. Talk about Bambi on crack.

Surprisingly, these furry terrorists aren’t necking down pints in their local. It’s old mushy fruit. 

Apparently, when fallen fruit is left to rot for a long periods of time, fungus transforms the natural sugars into alcohol, causing animals to become intoxicated. 

If only our gone off Sainsbury’s Basics would turn into a pint of cider. Sigh.

Not everyone believes in this homemade animal alcohol, though. Sceptics say the idea of it is actually a traveller's tale from the Zulu times.  

We say the sceptics can keep their opinions to themselves. There’s nothing cooler than a drunk deer… 

Words by Leonie Ann Garlick