IT Crowd Reboots for Final Episode

Dear sir/madam, I am writing to inform you of a special episode of the well-known TV series, The I...no, that's too formal.

Dear sir/madam, IT Crowd ...exclamation mark. IT crowd... exclamation mark. Watch it...exclamation mark. Looking forward to watching it too. All the best...

Yes, the show that gave us Roy, Moss and Jenn is coming back, one last time. There were rumours previously of a special as a final show, but details were so scarce that fans had begun to fear the IT Crowd had been quietly dropped by Channel 4.

But the show’s creator Graham Linehan has now broken the news, taking to Twitter to let fans know that, after turning off back in 2010, the show will be turning back on again soon.

Linehan tweeted: “People! I have news! The IT Crowd special will be on the telly AT THE END OF THIS VERY MONTH! Channel 4 will have more details soon!”

It is sad to know Roy, Moss and Jenn will never hit our screens again, but at least we have the comfort of knowing they are going out in style; rebooting in a double length special. So we have 40 more minutes of them before they turn it off and just walk away.

Words: Mairi Harris