Alison Gold- Chinese Food is the best/worst thing to hit YouTube

After Rebecca Black finally cleared up the confusing ongoing debate  that comes with the reasonings on why to “to get down” (because its Friday, Friday) it left us all asking the same question, what happens after we “get down” and are feeling peckish wandering through the streets and possibly feeling a little grumpy?

The new music video by Alison Gold (and produced by the same fella who did Black's delightful hit), has given us an insight by supplying us with the confidence and courage we all needed to go out and meet a nice panda fellow to skip through the green, grassy fields and fly on rainbows to the local Chinese take away to feast on all the wontons, noodles and chow ma ma ma ma main we could ever desire.

Check it out below:

(I’m sorry but no, we cannot give back the 3 1/2 minutes of your life you wasted watching this video)