Oar Blimey! 18 Ft Long Oarfish Washes Up in California

20,000 leagues did not seem so far to some surprised wanderers, after an 18 foot long Oarfish was found washed up on the beach of Southern California.

The behemoth is rarely sighted, choosing to dwell at the eye-watering depth of around 3000 feet. This particular monster, which took 15 adults to carry, was spotted by marine biologist Jasmine Santana as she snorkelled - striking a terrifying sight but providing a fascinating discovery. The scientist managed to drag the gargantuan creature for around 75 feet before curious by-standers helped bring the find to shore.

As much as it is a shame to see such a frightening relative of the likes of Nessie and the Kraken, measures are being taken to make sure it is treated with respect. The silvery carcass will be studies at Santana’s place of work, the Catalina Marine Institute, before being set back on the beach to decompose and be munched at by other organisms, placing it back in the eco-system. It is being referred to by an Institute spokesperson as “The discovery of a lifetime”.

Other bizarre sea creatures are often washed ashore and found dead, though this has been the largest and rarest example seen recently. As they are so infrequently seen it is hoped that there will be much to learn from the discovery.

While occasionally these freak finds arise, but there are times when we can watch something become record breaking. Like the longest snake in the world (as far as we know), which was bred in captivity in Kansas City Missouri, USA and measures 25 fee 2 inches.

Then again, in New Zealand a ‘giant amphipod' (massive prawn) measuring nearly a foot in length was found more than 4 miles deep in February last year. This makes it more than 10 times the average size of its species – think about the size of cocktail you could make from that!


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