Dalai Lama Supports Medicinal Use of Marijuana

When you think of a spiritual leader, you imagine a clean living, puritanical peacekeeper. Well, in the case of one in particular, apparently he likes the idea of that life; just with the addition of tortilla chips, a Sopranos boxset and a certain degree of medicating.

The Dalai Lama has shocked Mexican officials with his support of marijuana for use in medicinal purposes.

This announcement came on Tuesday as the Tibetan spiritual leader spoke in the region of Guanajuato, stressing that while he feels it would be of benefit to some with severe health issues, from which pain is an inescapable side-effect, he would consider partaking of the drug “the exception”. This was a response to an audience question about his opinion on legalising the drug.

It has been suggested that his open advocation of the drug, even for medicinal use, could result in the stigma against the widely used “stoner drug”, being lessened. Medical officials in Texas already support its’ use in palliative treatment and have campaigned for other states to follow suit.

Mexico is also currently facing one of its biggest ever drives against the drug trade. Former President of Mexico, Vicente Fox was hosting the event and supports legalisation. This is something he feels would divert money from, and eventually lead to the toppling of, his countries infamous drug cartel. At the very least it is hoped that some revenue will be brought into the government instead of illegal activities.


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