Someone, somewhere, has invented wine for cats.

Entrepreneurs in Japan have been getting in touch with their feline side by putting a catty twist on that old friend, the fermented grape.

A Cat Wine has been produced, a sophisticated treat for the suave customers. So now you and Fluffy can enjoy a quiet night in together, drunkenly reminiscing about the fun times you cleaned sick off the rug while she scratched the sofa and miowed at you. Delightful. But do not worry, your kitty won’t be holding out a delicate paw in a plea for a saucer of milk the morning after; you might serve it neat, but it is booze free. Instead it is laced with catnip to tickle their hairball ridden taste-buds.

The actual drink is a heady mix of Cabernet grape juice mixed with the catnip and producers B&H ill-advise it as a replacement for water. Rather like real wine, Nyan Nyan Nouveau, as it is known, is suggested only as a treat.

It has been produced in Japan as a limited edition and only 1000 bottles have been made. Their prices, 399 yen (around £2.50 a bottle), seems relatively cheap considering how rare they are.

But before you go condemning your cat to a life of grape-craving madness, they are only available currently til stocks run out and only in Japan.


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