Stoner Sheep Attack Drug Police

A herd of Italian sheep recently attacked police as they attempted to clear farmland of illegal cannabis plants. It would appear that the farm’s owner had used the same grazing land to cultivate his crop and had recently neglected these plants. The sheep had been happily munching away on the cannabis ever since.

Eventually the tell-tale signs of mounting empty packets of Monster Munch and Pringles led to the L’Aquila drug squad conducting a raid on the farm.

Local media reports that the sheep became highly agitated as the crops were being removed. Some sheep even pursued officers carrying the larger plants while all the time attempting to eat the leaves.

Unconfirmed reports suggest that the sheep had established a hot box in a near by grain store and had even gone so far as to order an N64 and a copy of Mario Cart off ebay. 

The police have released some photos of the operation in the video below.

Source Italy Magazine

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