Family Guy Shock Death

It’s with a heavy heart that I write today. For here we are in the wake of a tragic death, of a man so young and full of potential. Gone too soon, he will remain in our hearts. Brian Griffin; Rest In Peace. Here’s hoping all dogs DO go to heaven.

Yes, Family Guy have caused shock, outrage and sadness galore by killing off a central character. In their latest, amusingly named, episode “Life of Brian”, Brian is killed when a car hits him. Stewie is unable to go back in time and prevent the death, and so loses his best friend, and some would say, only real ally.

Although, in a move that will spark debate and divide the fans straight down the middle, the beloved family dog was quickly replaced. Say hello to Vinnie, the new guy in town (or at least the Griffin household). He’s been dubbed “a pooch with attitude”, and is voiced by Tony Sirico of The Sopranos fame.

I think it’s fair to say, the show’s dynamic is going to change. But for the better? Who knows. But one thing is certain; this will definitely shake things up.

Killing off a main character, so central to the show is ballsy. And it seems to have sparked a possible trend throughout the “grown-up cartoons” genre. The Simpsons is said to be planning a similar move, which is leading to huge speculation. In a way, The Simpsons will hit harder, as though Brian was in all senses a person, technically, he was still just a dog. Killing off a human character will pack slightly more of a punch, and as The Simpsons haven’t crossed the human/animal boundary in the way Family Guy and other similar shows have (Klaus in American Dad, Tim and Ariana in The Cleveland Show), they’ll be sending a person down.

That said, The Simpsons have got a lot more options, and could really make a statement with it. Or not. If they kill of Grandpa, which seems like a likely move, that’s not going to be such a big deal. But if, for example, they have one of Moe’s regulars gone from an alcohol-related incident; that could be HUGE.

So, it’s all up in the air in the world of “adult” cartoons. Anything could happen and nothing is safe. It’s all a-changing, and I for one am excited to see where we go from here.

RIP Brian.

Words by Ari Carrington