Stoner Students Turn Parachute Into Pot Den

What do you do on a slow afternoon at college? Go to the library? Watch a movie? Smoke a butt tonne of weed under a colourful parachute and hotbox with 50 of your mates? Yeah, that sounds about right.

Some enterprising American students have come up with a novel way of utilising those big colourful parachutes you used to play with at school with your classmates. They essentially turned it into an outdoor pot den.

The young stoner students were caught hotboxing by a campus security guard. Watch this video.

When the motley crew realise they have been rumbled they let the chute go, all evidence literally going up in a fragrant plume of pungent green smoke, allowing them to make their escape.

The security guard didn't manage to catch any of the 50 baked suspects as they fled in various zig zags and stumbles. Fortunately he managed to apprehend most of them later in the campus Spar shop as they attempted to buy wotsits and fizzy pop. One student made it as far as the local cemetery but was caught pondering about his own existence and the meaning of life in an infinite universe.

Words by Gemma Clark