Italian Children 'Allergic' to School

A group of schoolchildren in Italy have encountered problems as soon as they enter the classroom, which includes breathing difficulties and itching, leaving medical experts baffled.

Most people remember pretending to be ill or allergic to school in the hope of their mum letting them having a day off, but for 8 students at a high school in Bergamo, Italy this has become a reality.

Upon entering the classroom at Falcone di Bergamo high school the children suffer breathing problems and itchy rashes, but the symptoms disappear after they leave the classroom.

The strange illness began in early October when two schoolgirls first started to suffer the symptoms soon spreading to two classmates and a further four in other classes – with five pupils experiencing serve symptoms.

It has left teachers and medics confused as environmental and medical tests on the infected children have yet to discover a cause for the symptoms, while external factors have been ruled out.

To add to the mystery of the cause of the illness, the school has seen several incidents fainting although no connections between the two issues have been confirmed.

Head teacher Enzo Asperti told Italian newspaper Corriere, “For now, all we know is that it's some kind of allergic reaction,” and went on to confirm the school has followed all measures given by the local health authority including cleaning and airing the school as much as possible.

The suffering pupils are unlikely to miss out on their school work though, with the school considering teaching over Skype if the problems continue to be an issue.

Words by Jamie Allison