Man Arrested After Commenting on his own Wanted Poster on Facebook

Anddddddd stupidest criminal of the week goes to this guy!

If you’re a criminal on the run the aim is to keep silent and don’t draw attention to yourself, so the last thing you want to do is get yourself arrested by commenting on your own wanted poster on Facebook. Nicholas Emond from Maine in the USA clearly had other ideas.

Emond, 27 was wanted for multiple firearm charges and was considered armed and dangerous up until his arrest on Friday. 

The authorities ran a “fugitive of the week” feature on local radio and newspapers of which local TV station WMUR-TV posted a piece on the social networking site about him, for local people to be aware or provide information for police. 

Emond used a fake name, Sin Demon to comment various messages trying to test his innocence on the post stating “I am far from an angel but I am even further from a dangerous criminal”.

Police forced their way into the flat of the felon on the afternoon of November 15th and arrested him.

The heavily tattooed and pierced criminal is awaiting trial.

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Words by Will Whitby