Naked Man Goes on Racist Rampage with a Fire Extinguisher up Bottom

Mr Small had a wide range of choice

You hear all the time of people who have had some bad experiences in hotels, but none quite like this I imagine.

A keen hotel stayer decided to take the hotel’s slogan of “a great night’s sleep” a little too far by parading the corridors of a London branch of Premier Inn whilst masturbating with a fire extinguishers hose up his bum. 

When confronted by a Bangladeshi member of staff, the racist public masturbator, Joseph Small told the man to “This country has been taken over by Al-Qaeda- go back to Pakistan”. 

Small is also alleged to have urinated all over the carpets of the entrance to Leicester Square budget hotel chain whilst announcing “I come from Sheffield in England” to the horrified hoteliers. 

A brave hotel worker then confronted Mr Small, aged 20, wrapped him in a towel and put in the reception area. 

£450 worth of damages was caused, the Westminster magistrates’ heard.

Prosecutor of the trial, Izolda Switala-Gribbin said to the court: ‘A member of staff by the name of Hassan could see a naked man in the corridor on CCTV. He went with a towel and then escorted him down to reception.

‘Hassan then watched CCTV showing the defendant coming out of a storage cupboard, naked and urinating on the lift door. The defendant could also be seen on CCTV placing a fire extinguisher hose and masturbating at the same time. Hassan called the police.’

Small also racially abused the policeman when he got taken away, the hose now removed from his bottom.

The trial will commence on December 3rd.

Words by Will Whitby