Woman Finds Worm in Her Chicken Tikka Slice!

We’ve all moaned in the past about food not tasting that good and comparing it to dog food and the likes, but a certain gruesome discovery was made when one unlucky customer tucked into her chicken tikka slice.

Forget about horse meat! Kathy Thompson of Barnstaple, Devon was eating a chicken tikka slice bought from large supermarket chain, Iceland when she claimed she had found a worm in it. 

The grandmother said: "I was chewing when I spotted this worm on my plate and I just spat out my food everywhere.

"I had cut the slices up and was sharing them with my young grandchildren and immediately snatched them away. It was just disgusting."

She then said: "I spent the night retching and it was like I could feel it crawling in my stomach whenever I thought about it."

The disgusting incident was immediately alerted to Iceland’s head office and they are said to be “investigating the event”

What is the worst thing you’ve found in your food?

Words Will Whitby

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