New Game To Literally Knock Strangers Out For No Reason

A violent new "game" called "Knock Out" proves literal as unsuspecting people are rendered unconscious for no reason

Washington DC police are connecting an assault on a 27 year old woman on this new trend.

Police say she was walking through Columbia Heights at around 10 p.m. on Thursday, when a group of what is thought to be eight men on bikes came up behind her. One of the men reached out, punched the woman in the head as hard as he could, and rode away, NBC Washington reports, like a boxers version of a hit and run.

The basic idea of this game seems simply to be to whack some unsuspecting person as hard as you can in the face with the intent of knocking them unconscious, and run away before they recover enough to realise what you have done and chase you. Sometimes these incidents are filmed on phones and uploaded to the internet.

The point in this random act of violence, you ask?

According to one teen, there is no point.

For the fun of it,” one teen explained to CBS DC, “They just want to see if you got enough strength to knock somebody out."

The game is not so much a "game" as a potentially deadly assault. These attacks (because that is what they are, there really is no other way of describing them) have been reported in Chicago, Pittsburgh, St. Louis and Brooklyn, linking them to unexplained deaths.

Words by Gemma Clark

Check out the video below. What do you think, some organised replacement to Pokemon cards? Or.... people punching other people in the face. Which isn't that new. At one point the video suggests that New York Gangs have been 'playing the game' to settle grudges.... just ignore that bit. It's just a dude punching some other dude in the face over some smack.