Woman Uses Pub Sign to Dump Cheating Husband.

Noah’s Yard CafĂ© in Swansea is usually a bar serving the community very positively. However this week the popular venue played host to a very public breakup. 

Paul (presumably the male in the relationship) was going to his favourite bar in Swansea only to find out his wife (name unknown) had dumped him via the sign in front of the restaurant. 

It is reported that the randy Paul was cheating on his wife and she eventually found out and has clearly made her feelings quite public. 

Another emotional punch came the following day when the sign changed to “BTW.. I’m keeping the dog”

The scorned wife apparently did it to “make him pay” after finding out about the affair.

She said: ‘I was angry and upset so wanted a sign to go up for everyone to see.

‘When I found out, I went through a mixture of emotions but felt angry and wanted him to pay.

‘We have been together for years and it is so sad it has come to this. I am absolutely devastated and going through a really tough time at the moment.

‘I did feel a bit better once the sign went up.’

A little of taste of bitter irony was later found out when it was said that Paul asked his now ex-wife to marry him with the magnetic letters on the shop front.

Passer-by Ron Williams claimed it would keep men in the area on their toes.

He said: ‘This could give a lot of wives in the city an idea – I’m guessing there will be a few nervous husbands walking down the street today.’

So lads let this be another lesson to you. Don’t cheat on your women! Respect them and buy them nice things and stuff.... If they have a big sign.

Words by Will Whitby