92 Year Old Man Stopped from Buying Alcohol Due to Lack of ID.

Tony Bell, 92 of Feltham, West London tried to buy two bottles of Vodka from his local branch of Tesco until he was stopped in his tracked and KB’d by the check-out girl when he legally couldn’t prove he was over 18, despite being clearly elderly.

Looking younger than you actually are is usually a compliment, but here it was just inconvenient. 

Tony, the war veteran said: ‘I laughed, but she then said, “We’re not allowed to serve you if you’re underage”.

‘By the look on her face she wasn’t joking. I said, “Do you mean it?” and she said, “Yes”. So I said, “You can tell Tesco what to do with their stuff”, and walked out.’

One of the senior staff at the West London branch admitted the check-out girl had done it before ‘as a joke’.

He told The Sun: ‘Our colleague was trying to be light-hearted, but we appreciate the joke wasn’t shared. We have apologised and we’re keeping Mr Ball’s bottles for him if he chooses to drop by, with our compliments.’

The great grandfather has not commented on the events since. But we’re sure he’s going to bring ID next time he tries to buy his booze.

Words by Will Whitby