Film Director Pranks File-Sharers With His Shaven Balls

In a bid to annoy those downloading his film on a file-sharing website, a Norwegian director uploaded an hour and twenty minutes of his shaven scrotum hidden behind the name of his new movie.

Johan Kaos’s new film ‘Pornopung’, which incidentally is Norwegian slang for shaven balls, was available to download from The Pirate Bay and those that downloaded it were treated to 10 minutes of the film before the camera switched to Kaos.

The director told Norwegian website Aftenposten.no, “I thought the movie was going to end up on The Pirate Bay sooner or later anyway, so why not be a little ahead?”

The clip that was originally meant to be 80 minutes of his arse, but Kaos decided that the viewers deserved something more pleasing on the eye.

“I created a clean-shaven scrotum,” Kaos added to the website. “A little more thematically relevant and easily more aesthetically pleasing, it seems, at least in my opinion.”

Despite all of this though, Kaos has said that he holds no grudges towards those who use File-share websites and that it is taken as compliment that people want to see his films.

The reaction to the prank has mostly been received positively, although some have reacted in a rather pissed off fashion. Kaos’ reply? “They certainly can’t accuse me of having given them something they didn’t ask for, when they download a movie called Pornopung.”

So, next time you decide to download a foreign film make sure to check if the title of the movie doesn’t have a hidden genital meaning.

Words by Jamie Allison