Lazer Guided Pizza Cutter Guarantees Perfect Slice Every Time

There is now a tactical lazer guided pizza cutter.

No, this is not a downloadable feature or extra content for COD, this is simply a gadget to make the world a better place.

Students rejoice, for your pizza need no longer be that messy affair where tomato sauce leaks all over the counter as you unceremoniously fail to hack it apart in a straight line. It marks an end to those fights between you and your flatmates over gets the bigger slice.

Now, cutting that pizza is as easy as pie. Here's how it works.

The "laser" (red flashlight) scope attachment projects a line on your pizza. All you need is a steady hand and you can have straight cuts every time. And that's it.

Point and fire. Just like a real lazer. See, essential student gadgetry.

Whomever you get this for this Christmas will, of course, rarely use it for it's intended purpose and waste all the battery instead, pretending they are in Black Ops. But it will make them happy.

You're welcome.

Words by Gemma Clark