French Cafe Gives 80% Discount for Good Manners

Basic common courtesy. It’s been dwindling these recent years. Less and less people do those simple polite things that once were just commonplace. Every time I catch the bus I’m surprised by how few people thank the driver as they get off. 

Very few people hold doors open, and it’s become incredibly rare for someone to apologise for walking into you when you’re out shopping. Even worse is working in customer service where for every one person who thanks you as you serve them, you get at least 8 who outright glare at you for not being able to snap your fingers and have everything magically completed. Actually, in customer service you can get a lot worse as well, but here we’re just thinking about basic manners. 

Why are they so rare nowadays? What was so wrong with not acting like a jerk all the time?

La Petit Syrah, a cafĂ© in Nice, France, are working hard to rectify this problem with an ingenious new concept. Prices vary according to manners. That’s right, if you’re rude, you could find yourself paying 7 euros for a coffee (that’s about £5.80). But step it up to a basic “hi, coffee please” (but in French, obviously) and you’ll find that your drink only costs you 1.4 euros (that’s about £1.28). The exact same coffee you understand, but a hello and a please will make the difference between paying Starbucks prices or vending machine prices for the same exact thing.

Now, whilst I don’t feel like people should NEED an incentive to be polite, since they clearly do, given how lacking we seem to be these days, a big discount is probably enough to do it. I think they ought to roll this out across everywhere in Britain and see if we can’t get people pretending that they aren’t arseholes. For the two minutes it takes to order a coffee at least.

Are you surprised I got through this whole article without saying 'manners cost nothing'?

Ari Carrington