Teen Arrested for Robbery After Stopping for a Selfie

A Swedish teen has been convicted for robbery after taking a pre-rob selfie.

In March this year a 17 year old girl and accomplice decided to go and rob a Max Hambuger restaurant in Halmstead, Sweden. Prior to doing so, the nitwits thought to mark the occasion with a good-luck pre-rob selfie donned in balaclavas wielding a 30cm knife. 

The selfie in question was used against the teen in court and has subsequently led to her conviction.

Not only did the court find the pre-altercation selfie on the girls phone, but also photographs of the swag bag containing 2,420 Kronor (around £230). 

The young teens reportedly held up the restaurant staff with the blade screaming: "Give me the money or I'll stab you".

Apparently it didn't take long for the Halmstead Police to find them after the robbery (47 minutes to be precise), tracing their whereabouts to the photographer's grandmother's house. When asked where they had been they claimed they had just come back from a walk. 

The older of the two felons has now been sent to juvenile detention and is getting help from a psychiatrist.

Oh, the folly of youth.

Alexx Ross Daniels